Debt Overload: How Much Debt is Too Much Debt

Written by Pascal Gagnon on . Posted in Understand

Good financial health can be difficult to obtain. Easy access to credit, unforeseeable events, and a lifestyle that is incompatible with your budget can create debt. If your debt is too large, it can become problematic and lead to debt overload. To avoid this scenario and financial troubles, use these methods to check whether you have too much debt.

7 types of debt excluded from bankruptcy and consumer proposal

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Bankruptcy and consumer proposals release you from multiple financial constraints. These solutions exist to allow you to catch your breath and start again on the right foot. However, you should know that certain debts cannot be settled by filing for bankruptcy or submitting a consumer proposal. These are called non-dischargeable debts. If you want to get out of debt, here’s what you need to know about non-dischargeable debts

6 Ways to Avoid Car Repossession

Written by Chantal Gingras on . Posted in Advice

Your car payment was due yesterday and you missed it. You didn’t make last month’s payment either. Maybe you’re having temporary financial difficulties. Maybe you had to deal with an unexpected expense. No matter the reason, now you’re afraid of receiving a visit from a bailiff at any moment. You want to avoid a car repossession at any cost. Here are some tips to help you keep your car.

11 Ways to Resist Christmas Consumerism

Written by Chantal Gingras on . Posted in Advice

The spirit of Christmas is embodied in values like family, love, friendship and sharing. With a bit of time and good planning, it’s possible to have a memorable Christmas without spending a lot of money. Resorting to consumerism doesn’t guarantee happiness. It’s a good idea to avoid this trap if possible, because once you step foot in it, it can be difficult to get out.

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